Apart from pictures presented here, there is the possibility to order a PORTRAIT or your favorite motive for you or as a present for your family members and friends. 

If you are interested in an original, please contact me  Tel.:  +49(0)152 2956 0510

or send me an E-Mail.



Animal    (colour, acrylic on canvas), 30x40 cm - 98 €


Portrait (dry brush, oil on paper), 30x40 cm - 108 €


Portrait (two colors, acrylic on canvas), 30x40 cm - 115 €


Portrait (colour, acrylic on canvas),  30x40 cm - 160 €


Double portrait (two colors, acrylic on canvas), 40x60 cm - 180 €


Double portrait (colour, acrylic on canvas), 40x60 cm - 300 €

Posters, murals or art prints from my pictures you can order

directly from me or buy in the online shop  ARTFLAKES.


The corresponding T-shirts, bags, watches and much more are available in the online shops  REDBUBBLE or  SOCIETY6